How do River Cruises Differ from Ocean Cruises?

Even though river cruises and ocean cruises are the same in many ways, you will find some vital differences as well.
In general, ocean liners are larger in size and have additional amenities in each room. Given their more substantial size, they can carry many more people on board. Since river ships hold fewer individuals, passengers tend to get to know each other better and oftentimes build lasting friendships.
Another significant difference is that river cruises normally do not ever travel a full day, as opposed to ocean cruises which might be at sea for several days at a time. Guests typically wake up every day in a new location. The panorama is continually changing, so the ride itself becomes part of the adventure. Anyone worried about getting seasick will like the smooth sailing and shallow waters of a river cruise as well as the fact taking a journey that land is always within sight.
Of course, with their larger size, ocean cruises normally come with additional things like onboard gyms, live performances, and many more choices for where and what to eat. But river cruises usually offer amenities such as water, drinks (even alcohol), Wi-Fi, and many off-board activities in the overall price of the trip.

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